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Fly Fishing

VängelälvenVängelälven is a place made for fly fishing, not too small, not too big. Pleasant fishing cabins are available for rent in Brattforsen and Vängelforsen. In the stretches of the rivers Mårdsjön to Vängelsjön aswell as from Vängeldammen to where it merges with Fjällsjöälven, a total of approx. 10 km of streaming water, only fly fishing is allowed = fishing with fly rod.

Other fishermen need not feel left out; on the contrary, Vängelälven offers fishing for everyone. The area also includes approximately fifteen lakes and ponds: Some of which offer trout and char, but also pike and perch. Grayling and whitefish can also be found amongst the available assortment of fishes.

At Grössjön, you can rent an authentic cabin amidst the wilderness. Sit on the porch and listen to the Black-throated diver's evocative prehistoric song that vibrates over the water surface. Row out into the night with a lure on your fishing rod, for trout of more than three kilograms are lurking in the depths...

dagfiskare i vängelälven



Throw out your spinning lure into Lomtjärn, or stealth with your rod along Stortjärn's beaches. Trout and perch are found here as well. Pike and perch can be found in Onsjön, Spånsjön, Vängelsjön, Mårdsjön, Mörtsjön, and Ottringen.

Those that are not that fond of fishing can engage in swimming, berry and mushroom picking, or sight-seeing the several rock paintings that are found in Vängelälven. for example.

Throughout Vängelälven are numerous small and peaceful villages, which are located amidst beautiful lakes and streams. Here, you are never far from an idyllic wilderness, a place for relaxation and peaceful days.